Assessing For Learning: Required reading for all school librarians

Want to know how to turn your library into a “21st Century Learning Environment?”  I highly recommend reading Assessing for Learning, Librarians and Teachers as Partners by Violet H. Harada and Joan M. Yoshina.  This book details how to turn your collaboration and class lessons into self assessment tools and student driven inquiry lessons.  There are samples from across the grades, from first grade right to high school.  There are charts and diagrams you can use today.  Highly recommended for the new librarian and the more experienced librarian.


Summer is a great time to explore

Even if you are having a “staycation” there are plenty of places to explore in New York City.  The Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens has a great exhibit about Jim Henson.  Didn’t know he was so ahead of his time with his ideas about cartooning and visual thinking.  The museum is a great place for a rainy day. It is also an eye opener for teens.  There are so many careers available in the world of movie making.  The museum also exhibits all the details of creating a script and students could see the hard work that must go into even a “8 second” commercial!!!

The Learning Network Teaching and Learning With the New York TimesDid you know students can take a tour of the New York Times factory in College Point, Queens?  The papers go to press at 6:00 pm each evening. Students can see tomorrow’s paper today, and may even preview the Sunday magazine section several days ahead.  This summer lucky teachers, including me, got to tour the New York Times factory and meet the editors of the Learning Blog, a great resource for teachers.  I met Katherine Schulten, the creator of the learning blog, who shared some great ways to teach critical reading skills. For more great lesson plans, visit the Learning Network Blog from

Think, Create, Share and Grow: Transforming Leadership Retreat

NYSSL Transforming Libraries Leadership RetreatHad a transforming time at the Librarian’s Leadership Retreat held at Cornell U. this summer. Learned alot about the common core and how to incorporate library research skills into the school curriculum.  Librarians are the common core. Library skills are an essential component of the twenty-first century skills so necessary for students to succeed in school. Check out the transformingleadership retreat wiki.

What I’m reading

Just finished reviewing My Beating Teenage Heart by c.k.kelly martin. It will be published this September.   Review will be published in next issue of VOYA.

Quick sneak preview: It’s a great paranormal mystery, speaking in alternating voices of Breckon, grieving his sister’s death, and Ashlyn, recently died. Reminds me of play Whose Life Is It Anyway, really gave me something to think about.