Looking for Funding try the FOUNDATION CENTER

The Foundation Center, located at 79 Fifth Avenue, New York  is a great place to start researching funding opportunities for the dream grant idea of yours.  Although you can visit the Foundation Center online, I highly recommend making a trip to their library.  I visited as part of the NYC School Librarians’ local meeting.  If you do visit the center, you can use all their databases for free and get some assistance from the staff.  The NYC School librarians were given an in depth introduction to the databases available.  We learned how to find donors, and explore possible funding opportunities. Just to let you know:  October is Funding for Arts Month at the Foundation Center.  There are special programs where you can learn about funding opportunities.  On Wednesday, October 30, the foundation is hosting TWO special FREE events: from 3:00-4:00 pm you can learn about GRANTSEEKING BASICS for individuals in the arts.

From 5:30-7:30 there is a panel discussion on FUNDRAISING For FILMMAKERS.  Both events will take place at the Foundation Center, 79 Fifth Avenue.   On the website you can look at the tax returns of many organizations who give grants to many different causes.  By using the databases of the Foundation Center it is possible to find prospective donors who just may be able to fund the project you have been dreaming of.  In case you can’t get down to the Foundation Center, visit the websitetoday and have fun exploring,  Who knows, maybe you can help your prospective college student fund their tuition. Look at foundationcenter.org.


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