Management Tips

People management is one of the most critical aspects of a school library.

Tips that work:

Entrance and exiting:  If you have two doors, have students exit through one door and enter through a second door.

Passes: In order to control the number of students in your library at any one time, I recommend making a set of numbered laminated passes.  A successful technique used by another colleague is to have students sign up for a library pass BEFORE their lunch period.  During lunch the students return with their numbered pass. This limits the number of students in your library and you are able to make sure that only students who signed up earlier report to the library.

Staying on task on computers:  A great idea used by my colleague is to have all your computers facing the same direction so you can keep an eye on all screens at once.  If you have 4 rows of computers with an inside view and an outside view, only have students use the computers on one side of the row. This prevents some computers from being used, but you can reserve the inner rows for work where another teacher will be supervising or a class is using them.  Fellow librarians at a large inner city school have students request permission before using a computer. They do a quick interview survey to make sure the students are on task and then monitor their use.  These librarians also require that students use the search engine “” instead of “google” because they find that it is more student oriented and does not contain advertisements.


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