Grow your dreams!!Although it is cold and snowy outside, it’s not too early to think of summer.  Encourage your students and staff to start planning now for summer internships/travel opportunities.  I compiled a list of links for summer jobs for students. Many of my links came from the CCNY  site.  The Brooklyn Public library also has a comprehensive listing of internships.

Remind students that many internships require recommendation letters, transcripts and essays.  I encourage my students to write from the heart.  Often the organizations are looking for commitment, drive and sincerity.

For your teachers, encourage them to apply for a Fulbright.  The deadline this year is FEBRUARY 5, 2014.  There is only one Fulbright Program this summer ,  the program is in CHINA.   Hurry and apply if you have an interest.

If your teachers like variety, look at the NEH website.  There is a host of opportunities for teachers and the deadline is a month away: MARCH 4, 2014.

Grow your dreams!!

 There is something for everyone on this list: From Shakespeare to Communism, history to humanities. Check it out and explore.

Good luck and happy trails!!!


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