Find your Destination with our Career Research Unit

FullSizeRenderIf you don’t know your destination, you wind up lost. Many of our students do not have a clear plan for what to do upon graduation. To help our students plan for the future, we developed a career research project to help our students reach their goals. We created a College and Career Readiness Libguide  to help our students create their own future.

We teach a three day research unit to help our students explore different career paths. On the first day we introduce our students to our extensive print collection. We give the students time to explore our books and complete our Fact/Feel journal organizer.  Students skim the books, collect five facts they can respond to and write responses to each fact.

The second day of the research is spent online examining the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Students read the text and compare the handbook with the findings learned from their prior research.  The third day of the research is spent introducing our students to our databases and having them research three articles from the databases dealing with their career. The students then follow up with research projects assigned by their English teachers. . At the conclusion of the research part of the project, students completed a survey using google forms. The survey results can be viewed at this link.

This project has helped the students see purpose for their education. They are now beginning to think of a career and see the importance of education in helping them pursue the career of their dreams. When looking through college admission requirements, they see what “GPA” is required and begin to realize the advantage of having high grades.
They also read about successful people who have achieved careers they would like to pursue and see how a college education helped them.