Newsletter Launched

I recently started a newsletter at Flushing High School to inform staff about recent updates and websites which are useful to teaching.  I am using to publish the website.  I like it because I get analytical updates which let me know how many people looked at the newsletter and where they viewed it.  It is also easy to use and format.  Here is the latest newsletter: Flushing H. S. Library Newsblast.  Enjoy!


Breakfast Buddies Combine Healthy Eating with Brain Food

During the months of April and May I ran a “breakfast buddies club” at 7:15 am.  Each morning a group of students would meet and create healthy smoothies to start their day.  They would also read the Wall Street Journal, which our school subscribed to.  A special thank you goes to Amie Hamlin, director of the Coalition for Healthy School Food, which helped us get a Vitamix blender to create the smoothies!!!  I received a service learning grant to create the Breakfast Buddies program.   Students learned  how to eat healthier and at the same time observe how eating a healthy breakfast impacted their mood, energy and grades.  I collaborated with the health teachers and trained students how to research.

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