Reaching the English as a New Language Student

English Language Learners comprise over twenty percent of our student body.  There is a strong emphasis under the common core to differentiate learning by providing students with the best resources to meet their needs.  Below are some resources we use to reach the English as a New Language Student.

news in levelsNews in Levels: Breaks down news articles in 3 levels, each article has a reading, listening, writing and speaking part.  Cite can be searched.  Articles are categorized in 8 different subjects, each article is written on four different lexile levels.  Other features are text sets about different topics, editor’s favorite choices and most loved of the month.

ell databaseWe also subscribe to the ELL Database by Ebsco.  The database has articles on a variety of topics.  Each article has difficult words defined within the article.  There is also a translate feature and a reading feature. Read a sample article about Attila the Hun.

gale opposing viewpointsSome databases offered to our library from NOVEL also have translate and read aloud features which can help the English Language Learner.  For example, Gale Opposing Viewpoints translates the articles into twelve languages.

I recommend you explore the databases you already subscribe to.  See if they offer a read aloud feature and a translate feature.  If they do, market these features to your English as a New Language Learners.


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