What I’m Reading

I always like to include both fiction and nonfiction in my reading choices.  Sometimes, the plots in fiction get me so upset I need to take a break and read something neutral.


Grant, Christopher. Teenie. New York: Ember, 2012. Print

Teenie is a high school freshman at Brooklyn Tech High School, a very competitive place for high achievers.  Her best friend, Cherise, is into boys, clothes and trouble.  Cherise befriends an older person online and he begins to give her gifts.  Teenie tries to warn her and loses a friend in the process.  At the same time, Teenie is faced with her own troubles, when the guy she likes is after something she does not want to give.  This is an easy to read young adult book which was nominated by Bank Street College as one of the Best Books of the Year.   It was also included in the Queens Public Library list of hot summer selections for teens.  I found it engaging and absorbing.  I also grew up in Brooklyn and found the street scenes to be very realistic.





Last summer I read Michael Pollan’s book The Omnivore’s Dilemma, great description of the food industry. Caused me to rethink “corn starch” every time I see it listed in our foods.

Just finished Snowflower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See.  Great descriptions of womens’ lives during the 1800s in China. Be happy you are living in 2011. Life was extremely restrictive for women, no rights,  no power, no independence, no control over your destiny.

Summer reading:  Broken For You by Stephanie Kallos. Great story, combines modern life with ghosts of the past. In true novel fashion, all the characters have seven degrees of separation.


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